Spray Tan Services

Spray Tans are Monday-Friday from 9:00am-2:00pm Only!

Come see us for a professional spray tan! Avoid those harmful tanning beds and get a beautiful, guilt-free tan. Great for any special event you may have coming up! 

What to do before your spray tan:

  • Exfoliate and shave at least one day prior
  • Shower the day of (avoid using any lotions or oils that day)

After your spray tan:

  • Wait at least 12 hours before swimming or bathing
  • Wear dark loose clothing until you shower
  • Avoid sweating and chlorine, it will fade your tan
  • After your shower, apply moisturizer as normal to keep skin hydrated

With proper care, the tan should last up to seven days!

Price: Was $50 ......NOW ONLY $25, Limited Time Special By appointment only

The photo shows the effects of one spray tan session. The left photo is before, the right is after. The bottom shows the tan-lines after the session. Please note, model did have tanlines prior to session. Notice the tan lines on her chest area have evened out and become less noticeable.